Tinderbox Proof of Concept

At first glance, Anastasia Smith (Anna) appears to be your typical well-to-do 20 something year old. However, what lies beneath the surface is a woman slowly descending into utter chaos. After completing a voluntary stay at an Oregon psychiatric hospital, she treks home to California with her estranged boyfriend Adrian. On the way, they decide to pull off at an arcane tourist attraction known as the Oregon Vortex. It's a decision that will start her journey into the vast depths of the proverbial rabbit hole. The world Anna and Adrian entered is warped, where reality and the true nature of what's real and what's not is called into question at every turn. In the end, the truth of Anna's reality is revealed in a climatic fashion, and the truth sets you free. Or will it? This is a high concept story, layered and packed with mind bending twists. Think of Alice in Wonderland meets The Matrix, meets Inception.

If you are interested in becoming an investor on this project please contact:
Jerry Bell of "JBJR Productions" at jbjrproductions@gmail.com
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